Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let’s Give Dad a Hand

As Father’s Day approaches, we should take time to say a big “Thank You” to the dads in our lives.  Unfortunately, our media doesn’t often portray dads as they should.  Let me tell you a little about my dad.

One of my earliest memories was touching my dad’s hand through an oxygen tent when I was in the hospital with double pneumonia.  I also loved to stand in my dad’s hand as he held his arm out.  I would stretch out my arms and shout “Ta-Daa!” as if I was the final act of a show.  I also remember long summer road trips with my dad’s arm on the seat back, tapping his fingers for me as I tried to stop him.  I don’t ever remember walking by his recliner but what he would raise his hand for me to touch as I walked by.  Those same hands held mine as I walked down the aisle nearly 22 years ago.  I held my dad’s hand for the last time as I cried in his hospital room.  I’ll never forget that day.

I encourage you to tell the dads in your lives how much you love and appreciate them.  Let’s give them a hand.

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